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Early Stage Token Managed Portfolio

Are you tired of been robbed or unlucky enough to participate in your favorite projects?

Are you interested in skipping the whole drama that comes with IDO whitelisting and becoming part of the 1% that engages in Investing at Private sale Stages?

Look No Further!

At Bitbull Funds we bring you exclusive entry into projects at Seed Sale Stage, investing only in what the Bitbull Funds management team believes are the most disruptive, scalable and promising blockchain applications and protocols.

Fund Objectives

Obtain a diversified portfolio of high quality tokens for projects across various industries and functions Enter deals at significant discounts to exchange listing prices by leveraging industry leading expertise and brand recognition

Invest in projects building out efficient and scalable infrastructure for blockchain based protocols.

Investment Strategy

Focus on projects that disintermediate rent-seeking middlemen in multi-sided marketplaces Utilize technical expertise to assess project viability and competency of development teams Hold tokens for optimal periods based on project development cycles and market factors Invest in projects where the token is necessary for the function of the network.

Did you miss investing in the likes of projects such as Alice, DYDX, BscPad, EthPad, Hexpad, Card Starter that yielded nothing less than 10,000x

Then don’t miss the next one !!

Bitbull Funds is one of the first institutional investment firm focused exclusively on bitcoin, other digital currencies, and companies in the blockchain tech ecosystem. Bitbull Funds launched the first cryptocurrency fund in the United States when bitcoin was at $65 /BTC in 2013. The firm subsequently launched the first exclusively-blockchain venture fund and recently concluded raising its third venture fund. In 2017 Bitbull Funds was the first firm to offer an early-stage token fund. Bitbull Funds Bitcoin Fund has returned over 91,400% in seven years and has returned billions to its investors.

Bitbull Funds currently manages $17.8 billion in capital in seven funds in three product groups – passive, hedge, and venture.

Bitbull Funds Early-Stage Token Fund is a discretionary vehicle offering investors exposure to early-stage tokens with liquidity horizons of 1- 3 years. The Fund invests in teams building new protocols in the blockchain, Decentralized Finance and NFT ecosystem and follows an early-stage, venture-style model.

Bitbull Funds Early-Stage Token Fund is fully-discretionary, investing only in what the Bitbull Funds management team believes are the most disruptive, scalable and promising blockchain applications and protocols. The Fund’s portfolio consists of projects across several financial and commercial use cases. Given the management team’s discerning approach to the early-stage token market, Early-Stage Token Fund is capacity constrained.

  • Management Fee

  • Performance Fee

  • Investor Type

    Qualified Purchasers
  • Subscriptions

  • Minimum Investment

    Offer comes in Two Tier minimum
    1. $100k - $400k for unaccredited investors
    2. $600k - $1.5M for accredited investors.

Bitbull Funds CRYPTO FUND

Industry Leading Research Team

Deep domain and industry expertise:

Our research team hails from top research labs specializing in cryptography, p2p networking, game theory, and distributed networking and have contributed code or modelled security vulnerabilities for the most valuable blockchain protocols

Information asymmetry:

Bitbull Funds network has been built over the course of eight years in the industry and is supported by more than 50 inventors and entrepreneurs within the portfolio

Unique deal flow

eyond comprehensive analysis, Bitbull Funds accesses proprietary deal flow for projects which are not yet publicly investable, and has been on the forefront of investment innovation in a rapidly emerging sector

Cryptonative strategies

Driving additional returns via day-1 staking on Proof of Stake chains, on-chain governance participation, and community leadership


    • Profit:  15 % Monthly

    • Duration:  30Days

    • Minimum:  $5000

    • Bonuses Excluded

    • Direct Referral Bonus: 5%

    • Profit:  20 - 30% Monthly 

    • Duration:  30- 90 Days

    • Minimum:  $40,000

    • Plus  Bonuses

    • Direct Referral Bonus: 5%

    • Profit:  30 - 35% monthly

    • Duration:  180 days

    • Minimum:  $500.000

    • Plus  Bonuses

    • Direct Referral Bonus: 5%

    • Profit:  35 - 49% Monthly

    • Duration:  360 Days

    • Minimum:  $1,000,000

    • Plus  Bonuses

    • Direct Referral Bonus: 5%


    • Minimum: $15,000

    • Maximum: $90,000

    • Duration: 15 -30 days

    • ROI: 8.3% daily

    • Minimum: $25,000

    • Maximum: $225,000

    • Duration: 20 -30 days

    • ROI: 1 - 3.5x daily.

    • Minimum: $100,000

    • Maximum: $450,000

    • Duration: 20- 40 Days

    • ROI: 11 - 75X

    • Minimum: $500,000

    • Maximum: $3,000,000

    • Duration: 1/ 3 /6 / 12 months

    • ROI: 100 - 2500x

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