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Our Retirement Plans


What Plans have you Laid down towards your Retirement?

Wherever you are on the road to retirement, our expert content and tools can help you find and take your next best steps.

Build your retirement preparedness one step at a time.

    • Take care of your financial well-being early.

      Leverage resources that can help with things like budgeting, building an emergency savings nest egg and managing debt.
    • Make sure your strategy is personalized

      Ensure your financial strategies are holistic and reflect your unique needs and circumstances.
    • Think about how you will recreate a paycheck.

      Learn what retirement-related expenses might look like, identify income replacement gaps and optimize your Social Security claiming strategy
      Self-employed individuals, owner-only businesses and partnerships can save more for retirement through a 401(k) plan designed especially for you.

IRA Investing

Our IRA investment plan help individuals and business owners get access to a tax-deferred benefit when saving for retirement. With Polychain, you have no account fees and no minimums to open an account. You'll get exceptional service as well as guidance from our team

Roth 401k Take advantage of tax-free earnings and withdrawals with this retirement account.

There is no opening cost, closing cost, or annual fee for Bitbull Funds self-employed 401(k) and IRA accounts .

No limitations of any such.

You'll get exceptional service as well as guidance from our team.

Who can participate

Self-employed individuals and business owners.

The business owner can contribute both as an employer and employee. Also C corporations, S corporations, and limited liability companies (LLCs).

How to make contributions By phone or by mail.
Minimum Contribution $10k
Eligibility No age, income, or other restrictions.
Investment Options

Tailors across our different wealth of Investment portfolio.

Fully Managed by our Trained personnel.

Vesting Period 1 Year and above

You are eligible to either withdraw profit monthly or continue to compound withdrawals from the plan until a "trigger" event occurs, such as disability, or death.

You may be allowed to take a hardship withdrawal, which may be subject to a 10% penalty.